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detox. retox. repeat.

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Healthy Balance


Our goal is about making balanced nutrition FUN, easy and accessible. So whether you’ve just left an early morning yoga class, you’re headed out for a hike in the hills, you’re too busy to sit down for lunch or you’re pouring cocktails by the pool – we got you. And we’ve got a juice for you. Even if it’s bedtime after a big night out and you’ve only just realised that fast food doesn’t qualify as one of your 5 a day … that’s ok – we don’t judge. We just provide juice. Nutrition. Inspiration.


We want you to be Naughty. We want you to be Nice. But no matter what, we want you to be you.



The Nice Ones

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No. 2

No. 3

No. 4

Fire Baby

Be Nice 3 Day Reset

Black Dog

The Naughty Corner

Juicy Cocktails


The difference in using cold-pressed juices as mixers is huge.


Yet simple.


Instead of lowering your vibration with synthetic sugar and liquefied junk, you can raise your vibe by imbibing 100% natural cold-pressed energy.


To see our cocktail recipes click here or buy our Juice Pack to try them for yourself.

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