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The Story

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The Beginning

In 2017, we packed our bags, took the kids out of school and went on a year-long adventure as a family. And this wasn’t just your standard family adventure. It was an adventure at sea. We took our 4 young daughters all the way across The Pacific Ocean on a small sailing yacht. Most people said we were crazy. A lot of people thought we wouldn’t come back alive.


When we were crusising around the Caribbean, we noticed how almost all of the cocktails served at Beach Bars, Yacht Clubs and Hotel Pool bars were sickly sweet and full of unnatural junk. After just one umbrella garnished concoction, we would feel a bit grim and move on to something else. Surely there was a better way?

It was smack in the middle of the Pacific Ocean when we started dreaming of and salivating for one of my fresh juices.


Back in Europe, I had been teaching yoga for years and brought along a cold-pressed juice for my private clients. It was my way of raising the vibration of the group by helping us connect to Mother Nature by imbibing her pure natural energy. More often than not, they would joke about throwing a shot of tequila or vodka in the juice after yoga. That never wound up coming to fruition, but my juicing skills had become pretty darn good.

My nightwatch shift was from 4am-8am, every night. I spent 9 days watching the sunrise and working out how I could come up with juice recepies that would also translate into making cocktails. But then, one morning I realised that I had actually been doing this all along. My juices felt at home in champagne, shot and martini glasses, funnily enough!


And so, Naughty and Nice juices were born. We are always 100% Organic and cold-pressed. This is so important. So many juices on the market aren’t Organic. We think this is nuts. Who wants to be drinking a glass full of pesticides? Not us. We pride ourselves in finding the latest and greatest technology to maintain as much nutrition in our juices as humanly possible. So that way, you get a pure and delicious juice. It’s like a lightening bolt for your system.


The kind of life we encountered while sailing was relatively simple. We based our days around the sunrise and sunset. We adapted to the weather conditions, and were constantly in awe of Mother Nature. Our idea behind Naughty and Nice is based around this simplicity. Life is only complicated if you make it that way. We try to keep it simple. The only decision you’ve got to make is whether to be Naughty … or be Nice.

The balance in life is somewhere between Naughty and Nice.