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Work Hard. Play Hard.

Some say It’s all about the Benjamins, baby. Here at Naughty and Nice, we are all about the balance. If you are partying your pants off all of the time, it gets old. And guess what, you’ll probably wind up looking old too. On the other hand, If you’re constantly obsessing about healthy food and working out, you become quite the Boring Betty. We are always on the lookout for inspiration about how to live our “Best Life”. And we’re convinced it’s all about the balance. Here’s where we will keep you posted on things that put a smile on our faces.

Could YOU boost your brain just by deep breathing? ‘Transformational’ respiratory exercise is said to lower blood pressure, sharpen your thinking and even keep you looking young. Breathing therapy is a hot topic right now. Some say it will take the world by storm the way yoga did a few years ago. We love the idea that we are given all of the tools we need for a happy and healthy life, we just need to learn how to use them. Just like our juices – pure and natural gifts from Mother Nature that help us to raise our vibration.

Check out more on breathing with Renowned author and therapist, Rebecca Dennis here: