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No. 1 with tequila

Did you know that there’s a component in tequila that helps break down dietary fat? Can I get a Hallelujah?



To make a dangerously moorish tequila cocktail that happens to rammed with vitamins and minerals, find yourself a bottle of 100% pure agave tequila. Then measure out two shots.


  • Fill your shaker with Ice. Throw in a healthy dash of cayenne pepper.


  • Throw in your tequila with one bottle of Naughty and Nice no. 1


  • Shake what your Mama gave ya and serve in chilled Martini glasses. Then go by the pool and put on Bomboleo by the Gypsy Kings. Nice one.


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No. 2 with rum

You just have to think about Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean to know that Rum is all good.


It kept sailors and soldiers alive for centuries and can ward off the common cold. It is also heart healthy, (within moderation you crazy fools) because it combats artery blockages. It also increases minearal density of your bones, so can help keep osteoporosis at bay. And if that isn’t enough to get you pouring, rumour has it that scientists found that you can tack on an extra 2 to 5 years to your life by drinking rum in moderation.  Bottoms up Matey.


  • Fill your shaker with ice, juice from half a fresh lime, two shots of rum and one bottle of Naughty and Nice no. 2. and get shaking.
  • Pour into chilled highball glasses, top with a slice of fresh coconut and put on Sloop John B by the Beach Boys.


Arrrrghghghhh me hearties.


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No. 3 with vodka

Touted as the Pure Spirit and the one that all the skinny models drink, Vodka in moderation has been proven to reduce stress. It also helps in reducing inflammation, so rheumatoid arthritis suffers, an occasional vodka might do the trick. Some people swear that vodka also helps with IBS and other digestive issues. Well, go on then.



Cinnamon is rammed with anti-oxidants and has overtaken garlic in the powerful herb department. It also works beautifully with beetroot in this earthy and delicious cocktail…



Fill your shaker with ice. Throw in a big old dash of cinnamon. Then add two shots of ice-cold vodka and one bottle of Naughty and Nice no. 3. Shake it like a polaroid picture and serve in chilled martini glasses. Garnish with an orange slice. So very nice.


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No. 4 with gin

Some say it makes you sin, but in our eyes … Gin is a massive win.


Gin is made of juniper berries. We are going to call them ‘super berries’. They contain flavonoids that prevent heart disease and improve blood circulation. The berries actually help stop water retention. HELLO DOLLY! Toxins are flushed out faster and so you’ve got no bloat. Did someone say bikini, on a yacht, in St Tropez … baby?


This cocktail is seriously refreshing and full of electrolytes to keep the hangover at bay. And did you know that pineapple juice makes you…smell sweet? You sexy thing, go and get some.



Green Gin Martini:


Fill your shaker, and add a dash of lemon or lime. You choose. Then two shots of ice cold gin, and a bottle of Naughty and Nice no. 4. Shake it up, and serve in chilled Martini glasses. Wear big sunglasses. Channel your inner Top Gun. Tom Cruise, singing ‘You’ve lost that bloated feeling …


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